Wednesday, December 23

went 2 the coffeeshop behind YTSS today wif my mum 4 lunch... wanted 2 eat e noodles but nv open... but surprisingly i met quite a no of teachers there... while walking there, i met my chinese teacher lei lao shi... den reachin e coffeeshop, i saw poh hoon!!! at 1st can't really confirm is her, cos she cut her hair... but she keep staring at me too... so yap, it's her... so i waved n said hi... den wif her was ms kong n ms howe... but i reach e coffeeshop, was lik sian 1/2, cos i saw e ikan bills... n he's wearing pink!!! WTH!!! hate tat lots... so copycat still... as today was e day whereby e P6 students reporting 2 their sec sch... den while eating, i saw pin guan!!! was surprise tat he still recognise me... cos dun really taught by him, jus tat 'o' levels spent so much time in D&T blk... but frankly speaking, he fa fu le... haha...
btw, wish everyone MERRY X'MAS in advance!!! hav fun!!!

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Thursday, December 3

been few wks le... work at e new workplace is gettin hands fast... not bad... much better in terms of working hrs as compared to SE...
sch's tests n assignments r getting more n more as christmas holis r coming... though 1 wk only... make-up r getting more n more too, cos of e holiday... e acadamic yr gonna end at jan, some early feb for lectures n tutorials... but i still hate socio...
jus nw went socio 1 hr den came back le... suppose 2 hav a test, which turn up 2 b an essay assignment... so many ppl copied e qs n left... charrissa said 2 come 4 socio today, but nv turn up... calls 2 her can't get thru, sms no reply... dunno wat happen... but her accounting assignment which due on mon is still wif me, n oso e socio test 2 qs paper which was lik 2 or 3 wks ago is still wif me too...

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Friday, November 20

so long nc blog le... tink got a mth???
btw had stupid socio test 2 last wk... i left 2 qs blank... cos i dunno n can't find e ans in book... n e ans is lik so so so long, no time 2 write finish within e given time... hai...
ytd no marketing lesson... went movie wif my parents... cos jus nice we got 4 free GV movie tickets... went watch 2012... e whole cinema is full... but tat's tis grp of noisy kids in e same cinema... so disturbing during e show... but e movie is still very nice in overall... e graphics n all...
got my fringe cut short again... after lik 5 ~ 6 mths??? they were quite long le... but my mum wan me cut them off... she pay, so cut lor...

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Sunday, October 25

On this day of your life, Rosanna, we believe God wants you to know ... that humans learn only by trial and error, and that includes you.

You've got to live life, not think about it. Step into the midst of things, try and fail and learn and stand up again. The question is not whether you will or will not make mistakes - you will. The question is do you want to learn and grow, or do you want to shrink back and be stuck? Take that step you've been avoiding. You can succeed, or you can get feedback that it didn't work, but in either case you are sure to feel alive.

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Saturday, October 24

it had been so long since i last update...
had started on my new work, so far so good... but den i got 2 very be careful wen key payment... 2 time in a mth i underccharged e parents... :( had 2 make them come another trip down 2 mak e diff in payment... but lucky they're quite good, nv kanna scold...
wendy came 4 interview, but still dunno wat's e outcome yet... hope she got thru successfully den i got kaki le...
nyaa de photos, my stupid sis still haven pass me... dunno y... tink her camera die le... dunno buried 2 where...
sch so far only tat stupid socio is sucks... dun understand a single shit... den stupid a/c assignment... tat stupid kuku lectuer dun let us use e scientific calculator... i use tat for 5 yrs la... 1st time heard tat i can't use tat 4 exam... OMG!!! mak me count e a/c for hours n everytime got diff nos... in e end, i use my scientific calculator n solve them in less tham 30 mins la... waste my time only...
mon got a/c test... i dunno how am i going 2 survive wif tat kuku calculator... ;(

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Saturday, September 26

my phone had been sent 2 e hospital... *sob sob* it suddenly cannot hear e other party wen ppl call, only can be heard using loudspeaker or earpiece... so poor thing... i tried 2 save it, but failed... need sent 2 hospital... i hate e phone 2 b sent 2 hospital... somemore bishan tat hospital need so long 2 save it... 3 - 4 workin days... nx time i'm not going there le... it oso dun seem 2 b sony ericsson's own service centre, lik run by other company de... cos e job receipt thingy is stated unclear de... let's c wat i'm going 2 do...
btw i thou i could collect it by tml, cos other service centre takes only 2 days 2 get e phone saved... n i hav a wedding dinner... i now need 2 b stuck wif a 5mp phone... n i dun lik e cam of it... i wan mine... y always ppl buy e same phone wif me at same time, n is mine tat need go hospital de??? i'm not going 2 mak my phone drop on floor le... but got wat way 2 make sure of it??? haiz...

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Wednesday, September 23

i ended my job on sun n started e new one on mon... e new job was quite good... e ppl there r nice, quite slack n e time passed quite fast... though i not quite use 2 e environment... there's no bryan who is tellin me e count down days 4 his japan trip, julian's crap, charles's disturbin, vivian tellin me funny things happened between she n her bf, emily 2 share those funny funny things n gossippin of e customers, lina's care.... mus say e pass 10 mths at ps was very pleasant n fun, though there's no customers, very boring, but there's such ppl there 2 brighten up e place n time... let's say it's really M1 brighter...
my further units had oso started tis 2 days... wat i can conclude is, further units r more interesting as compare 2 foundation units... speaking abt tis, my socio test is TML!!! omg... though open book, but 45 mins where got time 2 flip... but i'm not in e mood 2 study it... smth had been in my mind since evening...

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